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Workshops and real-world experiences for students wishing to participate in the growing digital and social media landscape.

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Our team of experienced educators and media professionals provide a range of opportunities for students wishing to explore journalism, broadcasting, podcasting, producing, editing, content creation, advertising and more.  

The Generation Media curriculum is built on the theory that there are no bad ideas, we guide students from the beginning stages of idea generation to a finished, live digital product and brand.

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Generation Media presents an innovative service to schools wishing to provide extra-curricular social media education for their students.  From social responsibility and risks all the way to creating and managing a real-life digital company.

More colleges are starting to offer Social Media courses, majors and MBA programs.  Job titles with the term "Social Media" have increase over 90% from 2016-2017 and are predicted to grow another 200% in 2018.  Social Media positions are now an integral part of any digital company and brand.  

Our students are provided with the platform to bring their creative ideas to life and have fun while learning valuable business lessons.   Partnering schools provide a space with a wifi-connection and are able to offer the Generation Media platform and services as an extra-curricular opportunity with no extra cost to the school.  A student simply needs a personal computer and a passion for learning and creating. 

Each student that we teach has access to the Generation Media studio where they have the opportunity to develop a and idea and put that idea to life on the internet. 

We are very proud of our reputation and the members of our board who are respected and successful in their fields.

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